Change management

Think the impossible and manage the change.

During my walk through the local mall this morning, I realised that managing change could be easy and effortless.

When the purpose is clear, and the will exists, change comes naturally without resistance.

Think the unthinkable, a year ago you would not be allowed to enter a bank wearing a mask, today you would not be allowed to enter without a mask!

In my career, I worked on many change or transformation projects, experiencing a lot of resistance to change, which would be beneficial to the people resisting it.

Mostly the resistance stemmed from a lack of understanding the why. Other reasons are too little information or knowledge, or not having the skills or fear of the unknown. Suppose organisations could make the reasons clear, involve employees to co-create the future, provide the necessary information, tools and assistance. Perhaps, they may find that employees will be more open and willing to embrace change.

I would love to know why you think employees/people resist change and how to overcome or manage it!

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