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Esterhuizen Coaching and Consulting provides tailored solutions to help you solve complex problems, enhance performance and drive growth. Our expertise and proven methods empower organisations and individuals to reach their full potential. Let us guide you towards success through effective coaching and consulting services.

Pricing Questions

This section speaks to pricing. If you have more detailed questions about Coaching or Psychometric assessments, click on the respective links.

Esterhuizen Coaching and Consulting (ECCSA) employs a diverse range of pricing models to accommodate the broad spectrum of services it offers. This flexible approach is key to their commitment to providing customised solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each client. ECCSA recognises that every client has specific needs and challenges, which are not one-size-fits-all. Consequently, they adapt their pricing strategy according to the nature of the service provided, the complexity of the project, and the specific goals and expectations of the client.

For personal and executive coaching services, ECCSA may opt for hourly or session-based rates, allowing clients to pay per session or hour. This model is straightforward and adaptable to varying coaching needs. For clients seeking a long-term coaching relationship, package pricing—a set of sessions offered for a fixed price—can be an attractive option, offering both commitment and a degree of financial predictability.

In the realm of business consulting, ECCSA often employs a project-based fee structure for well-defined projects with clear deliverables. This approach ensures clients are aware of the costs upfront, without any hidden fees. For ongoing consulting support, ECCSA might adopt a retainer fee model, providing consistent revenue for the agency while offering continuous support and availability to the client.

For specialised consulting services, such as IT, HR, or legal consultancy, ECCSA frequently charges an hourly or daily rate, reflecting the high level of expertise and effort involved in these services. Strategy consulting, on the other hand, might involve value-based pricing or performance-based fees, especially when ECCSA is confident in delivering significant business outcomes like increasing profits or operational efficiency.

Training workshops provided by ECCSA are typically priced per participant, especially when the costs are largely independent of the number of attendees. For private workshops requested by organisations, a flat rate for the entire event is often more practical and straightforward.

ECCSA’s pricing strategy is underpinned by a commitment to transparency, consistency, and client-centricity. By adopting a hybrid approach to pricing and being receptive to market trends and client feedback, ECCSA ensures that its services are not only high-quality but also accessible and aligned with the specific needs and objectives of each client.

Esterhuizen Coaching and Consulting(ECCSA) places great emphasis on understanding the unique needs and objectives of each client, which is why their engagement process begins with a personalised meeting. This initial consultation is a foundational step, allowing ECCSA to fully understand the client’s specific requirements and goals. This client-centric approach ensures that every solution is tailor-made, resonating with the client’s unique circumstances and aspirations. After this thorough exploration, ECCSA’s team thoughtfully decides on the most suitable approach and pricing model, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with the client’s expectations and project scope. Following this careful consideration, ECCSA then crafts and presents a detailed proposal to the client. This proposal not only outlines the customised services and strategic solutions but also transparently communicates the pricing structure, affirming ECCSA’s commitment to clarity and mutual understanding from the outset of every engagement.

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