Struggling marketing your business?

By Daniel Esterhuizen November 27, 2020

Six steps for better marketing

1) ID your target market 2) ID where you can find them 3) Be clear on what you do for them 4) Reach out and find prospective clients 5) Provide samples or do free consultations 6) Follow-up

1) ID your target market

To create an ideal client profile Be as clear as possible  What kind of person wants your service or product? Who is willing to pay for your service? What do they want/need? Why is it a priority to them? Talk to people to get an idea

2) ID where to find your target market

To be able to meet and engage your target market Where are they offline? Where do they spend their time? What networking meetings do they attend? Where do they spend time online? (Social media is watercooler talk Check blogs, forums, groups & online magazines)

3) Be clear on what you do for them

To be able to understand if their needs and fit of your solutions Get out of the office and talk to people... How can you help them to satisfy their needs/desires? What specific problems can you help them solve? What can you help them achieve or accomplish? What steps do you need to take for them? Know the purpose of your business

4) Reach out and find prospective clients

Talk to people Email your contacts, colleagues, friends, and family Go to where your ideal clients go Ask for referrals Build relationships Track your responses Set a goal for how many people you will contact each day Calls per day Emails per day Events per week Spend as much time possible reaching out

5) Provide samples of do free consultations

Schedule time with potential clients If interested – provide them the next step This is not a free service, product, or advice It is to understand and test Needs Situation Challenges Desires If you can help them

6) Follow-up

Follow-up one-on-one After networking make time to build relationships Service businesses are built on relationships Phone - How they are doing Send an email, share information, blog, etc. Ask how you can help them Send referrals Ask for referrals