Study Methods

We offer two programmes: Junior and Senior (senior is also offered online)

  1. Junior: Grades 4 to 7 learners = 4 x 90-minute sessions (free Parental attendance for juniors are required)
  2. Senior: Grades 8 to Students and Adults = 2 x 4-hour sessions 

The price includes a complete study toolkit & necessary stationery

All you need to bring is your own handbooks in order to use recent and relevant material


  • Practicing different methods
  • Finding methods that works for your individual learning style
  • Fostering independent learning
  • Building self-confidence
  • Major subjects are covered

Contents covered:

  • Motivation
  • Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • Time management
  • Your brain and learning
  • How to deal with concentration difficulties
  • How to deal with reading difficulties
  • Managing stress levels and dealing with personal problems
  • Personal learning preference
  • Techniques for note taking
  • Mind mapping
  • Memory Techniques
  • How to study languages and Mathematics
  • Daily homework and study program
  • Preparing for tests and exams

Our next series starts on 9 May 2020

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