Stock up on compassion

Stock-up on compassion

I am amazed by the human condition…

The naming of a medical condition could increase or reduce anxiety and enhance or inhibit the experiences of the human condition and their dis-ease. 

When I was looking around me, I encountered diverse and conflicting discourses.  One of the more profound discourses is around what is fact, truth and reality.  As a result, people are clinging onto and reinforcing their truths; the latter is a function of meaning-making.  What is the truth for one person may be a lie to another; it all depends on where you are engaging life, the lenses and filter that you apply. I’ve come to realise that everyone is trying their best.

As humanity, we are experiencing and voicing complaints of dis-ease.

I want to invite everyone to:

  • Stock up on compassion, the power of the collective and a capacity to give other people space to be.
  • Find a place and a space of peace and stillness, solidarity with humanity and the human condition. 
  • Develop ways to grow through periods of dis-ease.

Humans have been created with a capacity for love and compassion.

Let us invite love and compassion into our lives and be amazed by the transformation.


Elna Esterhuizen

20 March 2020

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