Youth & students

  • Youth coaching
  • Career guidance:
  • Guiding of Grade 11 learners, students and adults to identify suitable careers, career transitions and career transformation


  • Grades 4- 12 PROGRAM @ R1482.00
  • price includes a complete study toolkit & stationary
  • Seniors (Gr. 8-12) = 2 x 4 hour sessions + 1 hour Booster session or
  • Juniors (Gr. 4-7) = 4 x 90 minute sessions + 1 hour Booster session
  • (free Parental attendance for juniors required)

Contents of our study methods cover:

  • Motivation
  • Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • Time management
  • Your brain and learning
  • How to deal with concentration difficulties
  • How to deal with reading difficulties
  • Managing stress levels and dealing with personal problems
  • Personal learning preference
  • Techniques for note taking
  • Mind mapping
  • Memory Techniques
  • How to study languages and Mathematics

Life Cycle



You are currently in grade 11 – 12, looking forward to entering a successful career. There are so many choices to make and important things to consider: Which career, what and where to study? What is your aptitude? Are you ready going out to into the adult world? Alternatively, you may want to start working and earn an income. A structured gap year may be another alternative when indecisiveness and pressure from those around you are too much. You may require some assistance and guidance.


You are completing your education and are on the verge of entering the world of work. There are some big decisions to consider like: your readiness, how do you participate in the opportunities like graduate/internship programmes? You need a CV and prepare for the interview. Alternatively, you may be in your first job and realise that you need to study on a part-time basis. 


You landed your first job and now need to focus on your career. It is important to fully understand what is expected of you, how to further develop and position your career to take advantage of opportunities. Priorities in your personal life may influence some decisions. You may want to settle down. Alternatively, you may be working your way up the corporate ladder, whilst studying part-time and settling down from a personal life perspective.


During this phase, you settled in your career. You are ready to take on the next level of career challenges. It is now the time to consider development and training that will take you to the next level of your career. Consistently improving your performance is important to you. You position yourself to create opportunities for growth as a measure to curb boredom.  


You are well settled in your career and in need of change. You are looking for that promotion either with your current employer or within the bigger market or branching into new territories. You may consider studying a different discipline to reposition your life and career for future opportunities aligned with your life and career stage requirements.