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  • In 2017 I completed a BA degree in Biblical Counselling through Filadelfia, MINTS. The following year, I registered as a Religious Specialist in Christian Counselling with the Council for Pastoral and Spiritual Counsellors. I am currently enrolled at the University of Pretoria studying towards a Post Graduate Diploma in Theology and Advanced Diploma in Narrative Therapy.
  • I am a Service Worker with Kerksondermure, Centurion, where I offer one on one counseling. Further, I offer one on one counseling and coaching to care seekers. In addition, I offer group coaching to ladies based on specific themes. I’ve developed two programmes focus on faith development and growth, as well as guide ladies through their spiritual desert periods.


Your partners on your spiritual journey towards His Light

I coach and create communities of like-minded women sharing a spiritual journey so that they manage their emotions, develop stronger intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships, improve the quality of their decision making, dealing confidently with life’s challenges, and whilst living meaningful, productive and focused lives, and they serve their community.


I came through a desert period in my life, where I was disconnected from God and strayed from my spiritual path with God.  I went through a difficult period and lost my way.  After going to counseling, I realised that the solution was to turn to God. 

On that journey, I realised that I need support and caring loving sisters; I also realised that I don’t live for myself, but for others.  I realised what was meant with loving your neighbor as yourself, with God being the central Point of the relationship.  I wanted to start being a blessing to others because I was so thankful for what God had done for me.  I would love for other sisters to experience the same...

2018 Themes. / 2018 TEMAS

Reeks 2 Vrydae oggende 

Woestynroos 1

Hoe lyk my identiteit in Christus in goeie en woestyn tye? 

Julie 27

Woestynroos 2

Wat is my lewensdoel?

Augustus 17

Woestynroos 3

My waarde en doelwitte as Christen vrou is geanker in Christus

Augustus 31

Woestynroos 4

Omdat Hy my vergewe en aanvaar het, mag ek dit ook doen.

September 14

Woestynroos 5

Ek het waarde in Christus, in Hom stel ek my selfvertroue.

September 21

Woestynroos 6

Ek gaan die toekoms in sonder vrees, in Christus is ek vreesloos.

Oktober 12

Woestynroos 7

Ek mag lief wees vir myself en  myselfversorg…selflose liefde geanker in Christus

Oktober 26

Woestynroos 8

Ek maak goeie besluite gebasseer op Christelike waardes…wyse besluite

November 9

Woestynroos 9

Ek het gesonde verhoudings met ander

November 23

Woestynroos 10

Gesonde kommunikasie en konflikhantering gebasseer op Bybelse beginsels…ek is ‘n sosiale revolusionêr soos Jesus

Desember 7

Tye : 09h00 – 11h00

Koste (ligte versnapering, materiaal ingesluit) : R125

Adres: 79 Die Uitsigpad, Uitsigpark, Eldoraigne, Uitbreiding 3

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