Why are women growth groups so successful in changing lives?

Our repeat clients say that these sessions aid them in developing and implementing helpful narratives and ways of thinking, freeing them from guilt trips, facilitating constructive decision making, upholding of healthy interpersonal boundaries, identifying, working towards and achieving personal and work goals, and changing lives.  Their feedback suggests that growth groups are ideal in this regard. 

What is a growth group? 

A place where women grow and develop in a safe and friendly space with like-minded women, using coaching principles.  Relevant themes are covered based on real challenges that women face in life and the workplace. The value of the growth group process is to build internal capacity, transfer skills, empower and transform women, and develop relationships.  Growth groups change lives and has a lasting impact on the woman and their relationships in the personal and work life.

Where are you now?

Often, we spend time and effort to improve our physical appearance which has a short-term impact at the long-term cost to the inner self.  It is so easy for woman to attend to others at the cost of themselves.  2019 and growth groups offers the opportunity for empowering yourself, creating new meaning and living life fully, whilst meeting new friends and developing a support network.

Topics covered and the relevance thereof?

People often set goals from a reactive perspective.  During the first session, time is spent on setting and/or adjusting goals for 2019.  At the end of the session you should have three highly inspiring goals that you could work towards.  You will also gain insight into your own needs.  These goals may then direct your planning and action for the year.

It is also important to determine your life purpose and values.  At the end of the session you should have good insight into your life purpose and how values are playing out in your life.  These insights may be incorporated into your goals.

Many women find it difficult to implement and maintain boundaries in their lives.  At the end of the session you would have identified areas in your life that requires boundaries, with a good understanding of maintaining these.

Most people complain about experiencing a lack of harmony and disruptive living.  Experiencing harmony is important in life.  At the end of the session you will know which areas of your life requires more attention and what is needed to move towards harmony.

Time, energy management and personal productivity are connected to your priorities.  Having insight into your priorities will allow you to plan and adjust you schedule based on your energy levels.  You should be able to do more with your available time.

Change is truly the only constant in our lives.  Depending on how you perceive change, it may either be seen as an opportunity or as a threat.  At the end of the session you would be able to think differently about changes and challenges.  You may feel more empowered and geared to deal with changes in your life.

Due to various situations in life, women may feel disempowered and doubting themselves.  You will be introduced to ways of dealing with and improving your self-confidence and assertiveness; ready to engage confidently.

We are all at times faced with decisions that should be made.  At times, our emotions may interfere with effective decision making.  Decision making methods will be introduced that may help you to make those difficult decisions.

Where people are involved in relationships, there are opportunities chances for conflict.  Most people perceive conflict as a negative factor; conflict could play a positive role in your relationships.  Understanding what is at the heart of conflict, is likely to aid you in dealing more effectively with conflict.

At times we lose our cool, where emotions get the upper hand.  Taking control over emotions is possible.  It is vital to discuss and experiment with different strategies.



Setting challenging goals for 2019 – People with goals achieve their dreams…Have you set your goals for 2019?  How do you plan to achieve your goals?

February: 9

Exploring my life purpose and values – What are your life purpose and values? …Uncover, remember and act upon it…

March: 2

Effective boundary management - Do you feel sick and tired of defending your personal boundaries?  Find ways to manage your boundaries pro-actively and effectively.

April: 13

Harmony, rhythm and balance – How are you maintaining harmony in your life?  Which principles and or priorities inform your life…Is it time to make some adjustments?

May: 4

Improving my personal productivity – How effective do you manage your personal productivity and energy? Explore ways to improve your productivity…doing more with your available time and energy.

June: 1

Remaining agile in the face of change – Do you manage change or is it managing you? … Empower yourself and manage change more effectively.

July: 13

Behaving with self-confidence and assertiveness – How effective do you communicate under demanding circumstances?   Find ways to behave with greater confidence and assertiveness.   

August: 17

Enhancing my decision making – How do you make decisions?  Find ways to improve the quality of your decisions.

August: 31

Dealing with conflict in a positive manner – Having had enough of shying away from conflict or presenting as aggressive in your approach…Explore ways to adjust your approach and improve your communication effectiveness.

October: 19

Managing my emotions and changing to positive self-talk - What are those “inner-messages”?  Does it build you up?  Finding ways to change the messages, resulting in greater emotional control.

November: 16

Additional dates could be arranged based on your needs.

Cost per session R350, material and light snacks are provided.  Venue: Leriba Lodge, Time: 9hoo- 12h00.

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